Orchard Sky forges an electrifying sonic landscape, harmonizing the soulful prowess of Vancouver's Krystle Dos Santos with the mesmerizing guitar work of Edmonton's Mitch Smith.  Their latest single, "Rollin' 7's," featuring Clayton Bellamy, is a dynamic fusion of lipstick allure and the thrill of chance, finding a fervent home on Canadian Country Radio. This foot-stomping anthem cranks the dial to eleven, resonating with its rock-infused country vibe, likened to "Sass Jordan singing country" and "Carrie Underwood going rock." 

Their debut hit, "Canadian Party Song," a nostalgic country anthem, became a staple during the NHL Playoffs and Battle Of Alberta on Rogers SportsNet. Orchard Sky's music, described as "ripping" by Carson Illidge, the Music Supervisor of Rogers SportsNet, delivers soul-stirring tracks that compel you to sing along and stand tall. Get ready for a wild ride through Orchard Sky's vibrant musical landscape.

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